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Stain Color Options

Introducing Woodluxe by Benjamin Moore, the ultimate protector for our outdoor products. While enhancing beauty it offers year-round protection from UV rays, mildew, and frost. Its advanced properties help reduce cracking and peeling which allows us to prepare and install on time. These same properties allow it to be easily re-stained years down the road. Woodluxe covers like a paint while allowing the beauty of the wood grain to show through. We have limits in some choices, but not here. Available in over 1,000 colors, we're sure you'll find the perfect match.

Trust us to provide the best quality stain for your outdoor projects.

What to know when choosing a stain color

Semi-Solid Stain

Choose any color through the link above and rest assured that you are getting two coats of semi-solid stain. This will guarantee the most accurate color match, the most protection against the elements and longevity, all while allowing the natural beauty of the wood to show through.

Lighter Colors

Lighter colors reflect light and heat, while dark colors absorb heat. Additionally, dark colors absorb more moisture, which can cause problems with your paint. For exterior projects, lighter colors are more durable and fade-resistant than dark colors.

The Color White

White paint has the potential to turn yellow over time. A few things are responsible for this including aging paint, oil-based paint which yellows over time, light (or a lack of it), moisture, and other factors from the elements. We've seen that it doesn't cover as well as we'd like and it's hard to match.


The best part about the re-stain is that it doesn't require sanding. The second best part is that we have a service business that will take care of the re-stain for you. We show up, cover everything in plastic for protection, and add a brand new coat of stain to your structure or swing.

We charge $4 per square foot plus the price for the stain. Contact us to schedule!

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