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A new way to Cover your Pergola!


In early 2021 I made a phone call that, at the time, would turn out to be the start of a great business relationship and a new way to shade. I had been looking for products to add to our structures to separate us from the competition while adding aesthetics and longevity. I found what I was looking for in the SkyPoly Hercules System from Cover Your Pergola. This lightweight, semi-transparent cover is offered in 3 tints which all offer these amazing benefits:

*Waterproof *UV Resistance *Cooling Effect *Hail Resistant *Wind Rated *Snow Ready



No Leak - Guaranteed!

This means that you, and your stuff, is protected from the elements.

Cooler Temperatures!

You will notice a difference up to 15 degrees.

No Rays!

Increase the longevity of your structure, patio furniture, and keep those rays off your skin while relaxing out in the shade.

Material : $10 per square foot + Installation : $5 per square foot ($750 minimum)


Hail No!

Sizes up to 3/4" will not penetrate the paneling.

No Blow!

Designed for wind speeds up to 125 mph.

Plenty of Snow!

Can handle snow loads up to 40 psi.


2 dozen and counting...

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