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In Stock Structures

Looking for a quick solution for a landscape project? Needing something for the BBQ next weekend? We've got you covered! Our in-stock structures are available in various sizes and are ready for purchase. These structures are great for contractors of all kinds as well as DIY individuals.

With a turnaround time of 7-14 days*, we can have your structure delivered in no time.

For those looking for something more personalized, along with installation, check out our custom structures with a link to the customization form in the section below.

*Structures that are in stock are basic, simple designs. Any changes or upgrades to these will require more time to build and deliver.

Installation upon request. 

Custom Structures

Begin here to decide what package you want to start with then click the link below to fill out the form



Perfect for small and medium-sized timber frame structures. It includes 6 x 6 posts of your desired length of up to 10 feet, as well as 6" or 8" frame and runner boards. The frame boards are designed to mount to the side of the posts, while the runner boards can be mounted on top or recessed between the frame. With this package, you can easily build a sturdy and attractive timber frame structure. 


Pergola For Patio

Our most popular choice! It includes 8 x 8 posts with a height restriction of 16 feet, along with frame and runner board sizes that match the dimensions of your structure, 20' maximum span. To add extra support, we include knee braces, perfect for windy areas. As a nice finishing touch, the package also includes shade slats to increase the shaded area.


Pergola for Hot Tub

A perfect choice for those looking for a high-end, classic look. This package features top-of-the-line timbers with an option to have a smooth-surface finish, perfect for poolside structures. It takes your structure to the next level with included decorative ends, internal- mounted frame boards, and curved knee-braces. We guarantee that you'll be more than satisfied with this choice.

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