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What are our Prices on our Structures?

Since we focus on custom-built structures, there are many variables that go into our prices.

You can see the starting prices on common size structures by clicking on the "pergolas" tab. 

Book a phone call to begin the estimation process and confirm pricing. Thank you!

What are the Prices on the Swings?

The Bed Swing starts at $2,250, that's the swing, stained, and the hardware to hang it.

With the addition of the mattress, six cushions, and fabric of choice, you'll end up at $3,600.

What Sizes of Swings are offered?

We base our swing sizes and fabric cover off of the following mattress sizes: Crib, Cot, and Twin.

All mattresses are memory foam and come with a waterproof cover.

Why are Timber Structures so Expensive?

Timber Framing is a timeless construction method that requires quality craftsmanship and large sized lumber. Each piece must be cut and shaped by hand or by machine. Engineering and design must be taken into account to ensure safety, longevity, and beauty. Preparing and Installing such structures takes time, as you cannot rush precision and care. Heavy-duty hardware, high-quality stain/paint, proper brackets, etc. all to ensure construction code and our company standard is met. These, and other factors, bleed into the price of a Sunset Pergola Structure.

What variables go into Pricing?

While pricing out our projects, we take into account the following: square feet, size of lumber, quantity of lumber, engineering (if required), brackets, hardware, design, color, location or placement, concrete, equipment (if required), style, shop/prep time, ease of access, installation time... To name just a few.

Do you Deliver?

Yes. We offer D.I.Y. kits and these can be delivered by us for a fee or picked up by you from our warehouse.

Our kits will come stained, ready to install, with the appropriate hardware and instructions.

We can deliver your swing for a small fee within 75 miles of Utah County.

Do you offer Shipping?

We offer shipping to those of you within the United States.

We take great pride in the quality and craftsmanship of our furniture. To ensure top quality products, we ship our products completely assembled and ready to go right out of the crate. Because our products don't break down or fold into smaller pieces, shipping is more expensive. Luckily, we have partnered up with a quality shipping company who ships our products at the lowest cost possible. Contact us for pricing.

What Else Can You Do?

We build privacy walls, garden trellis', arbors, pavilions, gazebos, sheds, decks, and bed swings.

Check out our Gallery for past projects and inspiration. No project is too small.

What Type of Wood is Used?

Douglas Fir.  Brought in from out of state.  Widely used in the construction industry Douglas Fir is known for its strength and versatility.  It dries quickly so it tends not to check (stress crack) as much as other woods we have experimented with. It's a perfect fit for a beautiful shade structure.

What is Rough-Cut Wood?

Rough-cut lumber comes straight from the sawmill. The wood is rough to the touch and untreated, meaning it's raw, natural wood free of any preservative chemicals.

What if I want to use my own Cushions?

No problem! Here is what we would recommend:

Step 1: Give us a call and order over the phone. This will allow us to deduct the fabric cost from the sale price.

Step 2: Find and purchase ANY fabric from ANY store (standard 54" wide fabric required).

Step 3:Ship your fabric to us with YOUR name on the package so we know whose fabric it is.

We will keep in contact with you to ensure your cushions turn out exactly as you wish. You're welcome to call us anytime and see the progress on your order.

What type of Fabric would you Recommend?

If your cushions will be kept outdoors, it's a great idea to purchase outdoor fabric for additional protection from the elements. We would recommend Sunbrella fabric. All of our cushions are fitted with zippers for easy removal.

Stain vs Paint?

Completely up to you. We prefer stain on our rough-cut wood and paint on our surfaced wood.

We have hundreds of color options for our water-based stain and many more when you want to go with paint.

We use Sherwin-Williams products. 

Is it Safe?

We build each structure as if it were being installed at our own home. We take care to remember building codes and use hardware that is common among the trades and similar to competitors but unique to us. With over 125 structures installed to date, with no reported injuries or accidents, we are confident that you'll love it!

How far can you Span?

We can span up to 20 feet comfortably. Understand that the beam size will be quite large.

After that, we need to add a middle post.

Any special requests may require engineering.

What are Runners?

Also known as rafters, crossbeams, or trusses. We call the boards that span the center gap, runners. These will, in most cases, receive a decorative end that you choose during the design process.

What are Knee Braces?

We call the additional wood support we install between the frame board and the post, a knee brace. These add strength to the top of the pergola to ensure extra stability while being aesthetically pleasing.

What are Shaders?

We call the slat boards we run on the very top of the structure, opposite direction of the runners, Shaders. They provide a grid pattern and act as a partial roof. They will not keep the weather and sun out but do provide at least 50% more shade when installed.

Refund and Returns?

Returns on any customized pieces are not accepted.

We assure you that our products are made of only the highest qualities, taking no short cuts. On the off chance that you are dissatisfied with your purchase, we promise to do all that we can to make it right.

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