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What Type of Wood is Used?

For our Basic and Standard Packages we use Engelmann Spruce. Responsibly harvested here in Utah. Common among the construction trades. Used for mining, cabin siding, and more. It's durable, lightweight, and strong.

For our Premium Package we offer Douglas Fir. Brought in from out of state. Widely used in the construction industry Fir is known for its strength and workability. It dries quickly and tends not to check as much making it a perfect fit for our Premium Structures.


What are our Prices?

Since we focus on custom-built structures, there are many variables that go into our prices. We are currently working on a pricing chart to help you decide which package would best fit your budget. Stay tuned.

Meanwhile, feel free to book a phone call to begin the estimation process. Thank you!

Why are Timber Structures so Expensive?

Timber Framing is a timeless construction method that requires quality craftsmanship and large sized lumber. Each piece must be cut and shaped by hand or by machine. Engineering and design must be taken into account to ensure safety, longevity, and beauty. Preparing and Installing such structures takes time, as you cannot rush precision and care. Heavy-duty hardware, high-quality stain/paint, proper brackets, etc. all to ensure construction code and our company standard is met. These, and other factors, bleed into the price of a Sunset Pergola Structure.

Stain vs Paint?

Completely up to you. We prefer stain on our rough-cut wood and paint on our surfaced wood.

We have hundreds of color options for our water-based stain and many more when you want to go with paint.

We use Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams products. 

What is Rough-Cut Wood?

Rough-cut lumber comes straight from the sawmill. The wood is rough to the touch and untreated, meaning it's raw, natural wood free of any preservative chemicals.

Is it Safe?

Yes. Our sawmill is contracted with their local mines. The same lumber we use to build our structures is used to support mine shafts and keep humans and equipment safe. We use hardware that is common among the trades and similar to competitors but unique to us.

How far can you Span?

We can span up to 20 feet comfortably. After that, we need to add a middle post.

What are Runners?

Also known as rafters, crossbeams, or trusses. We call the boards that span the center gap, runners.

What are Knee Braces?

We call the additional support we add between the frame board and the post, a knee brace.

Do you Deliver?

Yes. We offer DIY kits and these can be delivered by us for a fee or picked up by you from our warehouse.

What Else Can You Do?

We build privacy walls, garden trellis', arbors, and we are just getting started on pavilions, gazebos, sheds, and decks.

Who Builds the Bed Swings?

Our good friend, Owen Gubler, makes the bed swings. He can be found here:

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